Help with your pension planning

A collection of videos to help with your pension planning, including making contributions, deciding on your investment strategy, and your options at retirement.

Investment choices

Investment choices

Investing your savings can feel confusing, especially when you face a lot of information and don’t know where to start. This video provides an overview of investing and how you might want to manage your risks.

Before making your investment choices, make sure you read the Introduction to Investing guide to help you find out more about the different types of investment, your investment options, investment risks and the costs that could apply.

You should then read the Guidance on Your Fund Choices guide to find out specific information about the investments available.

Access the latest factsheets and latest fund information.

Scottish Widows have also produced a guide to the basics of investing.

Remember, you can mix and match your options when it comes to investments and taking an income. You can talk to Scottish Widows for more information about your options, but it’s a good idea to find a regulated financial adviser if you need tailored help.

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