About the Plan

The Plan was closed to new entrants on 6 April 1998 and closed to members building up further benefits on 31 January 2014.

Who runs the Plan?

The Plan is set up under Trust and run by the Trustees: NTL Pension Trustees II Limited and independent trustee Ross Russell Limited.

There are several organisations involved in the running of the Plan. If you’ve got any queries, you should contact the administrators, XPS, in the first instance. Their contact details are in the footer of this page and in the FAQs.

The key organisational bodies are listed below:

NTL Pension Plan Trustees

The Trustees are responsible for ensuring the Plan operates smoothly in line with its Trust Deed and Rules and relevant pensions law. Their key concern is to maintain the security of members' benefits. Your Plan Trustee Directors are shown to the right.

Plan advisers

The Trustee receives advice from a number of sources.
The main Plan advisers are:

Actuary                   Neil Lalley XPS Pensions Limited
Auditor                            Ernst & Young LLP
Legal Advisers               Eversheds Sutherland
Investment Advisers   Schroders
Bankers                           Barclays Bank plc