AGA Rangemaster Group Limited

AGA Rangemaster Group Pension Scheme

Welcome to the AGA Rangemaster Group Pension Scheme consultation page. This page contains links to the documents from
your consultation pack dated 9 October 2020, in the “Introduction”, “Information” and “Questions” boxes below. This page also contains
a link to a 4-part presentation which explains the proposed pension changes in more detail and answers a number of questions
raised by members so far during the consultation process. These presentations can be accessed via the “Download the presentations” link below.
You will need the password provided to you in your letter dated 30 October 2020 to access the documents and presentations.

If you have any comments or questions on the proposed changes, please contact us using the email address below or the pre-addressed envelope
within your consultation pack from 9 October 2020. Please remember the deadline of 8 December 2020 for raising any feedback.